Chico Veterans Resource Center

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110 Amber Grove Drive, Suite 110
Chico, CA 95973
(530) 809-2831
(530) 809-2834 - fax

Programs & Services


Funded by the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program, the Chico Veterans Resource Center provides supportive services to very low-income Veteran families living in or transitioning to permanent housing. Eligible Veteran families can receive outreach, case management and assistance in obtaining VA and other benefits, which may include:

  • Health care services
  • Daily living services
  • Personal financial planning services
  • Transportation services
  • Fiduciary and payee services
  • Legal services
  • Child care services
  • Housing counseling services

In addition, Chico VRC can provide time-limited payments to third parties (e.g., landlords, utility companies, moving companies, and licensed child care providers) if these payments help eligible Veteran families stay in or acquire permanent housing on a sustainable basis.


Chico VRC staff work closely with Butte County Continuum of Care (CoC) and the Greater Chico Homeless Task Force to help any Homeless Veteran with Veteran related resources.